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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My first painting

My family (immediate and extended) has been blessed with creative genes. Almost all my grandparents are/were artists. My grandmother (84) still paints and my aunt (by marriage) just had a gallery exhibit (see us together below). I will post some pictures of their art in the future, but today I want to share a picture I took of the first painting I did - TODAY. I have been visiting my uncle, aunt and cousins in Milwaukee, WI for Thanksgiving (we even had an early Christmas) where I was given some drawing paper, and a small paint set.. why? Because I'd told my aunt that in order for me to come visit, I wanted (and needed) a painting lesson!

So this morning as she painted some projects she is working with, I primed a old canvas with white paint, and then began. It was definitely an interesting experience At first I thought I was doing really well. Things were coming together nicely. It was somewhere in the middle thought that I started wondering - all I could see was a childlike mess. My aunt assured me that I just needed to keep going (even though I wanted to give up). I kept going with her encouragement and a hope that in the end it may look remotely decent and resembling what I envisioned.

A couple hours later, here is the result...

I'm quite proud of it :)

Q: Do you paint?

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