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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today, Valentines Day 2010, I was sick! I stayed home from church and rested. Other than sleeping I got some much needed reading in (The Book of Mormon (in Afrikaans) Teach Yourself Meditation in 10 Simple Lessons (great ideas in there about stress release) and the entire 200 page BODY-FOR-LIFE manual by Bill Phillips.

I rarely get through a book in a few weeks let alone a day, but CHANGE has been knocking on my door for some time now and I finally opened the door more than just a crack. I'm actually figuratively out the door -its open so wide!

I decided even though I am not a huge Valentines-Day-Celebrator, I decided I am doing to give MYSELF - yes ME - some LOVE <3 and give myself the best gift I can: More energy, discipline, confidence, self-esteem, and health and happiness. I am going to stop hurting myself, lying to myself, beating myself up and BE GOOD TO MYSELF!

I am celebrating CHINESE NEW YEAR in style today by making some new goals (will be posted soon) for this year (after sickness and construction and moving got in the way of Jan 1st resolutions). NOTHING WILL STOP ME NOW!!!

Tomorrow, February 15th, 2010 will be the first step of this 84 day (12 week) journey that will be the beginning journey of the rest of my life. Now, you may be thinking~ Can she do it? Will she do it? The answer a resounding YES! I CAN and I WILL!

I'm going to post my progress every couple days on here and show you that CHANGE is possible.

I started this blog with a blog about CHANGE and now is time to fulfill that desire that is deep with in me (click here to read). I will draw on inner strength and pray that God will help me in my quest to reach. my potential because "When you gain control of your body, you gain control of your life" (page 1, BFL). I don't just believe that statement, I know it, because thats the answer I got a few weeks ago when I first realized that my life was out of control. Take control of one aspect of your life and others follow suit.

So, here I go...

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