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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Challenge

I restarted the Body for Life program MARCH 15th, since I tried starting a month again, but I was sick, then I didn't have the right foods, and the journal to keep track of everything, and then it just seemed daunting, cause if felt like ALL I could think about for days was ICE-CREAM! Specifically cookies and cream. Well I got that out my system and NOW I started it again FOR REALS! I am excited. I really want things to change. To have discipline in my life. PLANNING (like I did as a missionary) is essential in success and reaching goals. Accountability and responsibility! So here we go AGAIN.

I am trying to lose 20lbs of body fat and gain 5lb of muscle, including running 5k under 30 mins.

I just ran the Rex Lee Cancer Run on Saturday and ran it in 39 mins so I was happy about that. I have not been exercising or running like I should the last several months.

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