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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Q-Link Challenge

I am so excited about the Q-Link and Sympathetic Resonance Technology (STR)!!!

I have been wearing the Q-Link now for about 4 years now! I know ~wow! Over the years I have had many responses ranging from critics to skeptics to those who are genuinely interested! And there are always questions...

I've had to change how I explain it, and sometime realize that I need to understand the mechanics behind the Q-Link more to do it justice when explaining its purpose and role. But my common answer is that it is a PERSONAL EMF PROTECTOR :) They love that!

I recently had someone laugh at me (it wasn't the first time) and I decided to find some testimonials online and then proceeded to send them to numerous YouTube videos where it shows those that were skeptical, but how they saw the benefits once they wore it, not to mention ALL the golf players around the world that use and praise it for improved performance!

Just a few days later, I came across a website inviting those who are active in social networking to attempt the Q-Link Challenge, where they would receive a FREE (yes, free) Q-Link and then to take a test involving concentration, accuracy etc and to then wear the Q-Link for 2 weeks and to see how the results of the test change!

I of course was interested and wanted to take this time to get an impartial person to assist me in this challenge! Since I already wear one, and so I had my friend Martha take the test (results below) and she has begun wearing the Q-Link. In 2 weeks we will report what we find from the test and how she feels overall.

On Tuesday Martha began wearing the Q-Link and this is what she had to say: "So I just started using the Q-link. I'm pretty open minded about it. Jacqueline is so great! She recommended it to me so we'll see what happens. It will be rad to see if it helps my health/concentration."



Test #1


Motor Speed



Higher is Better

Higher is Better

Higher is Better

Lower is Better

A perfect score for Attention, Motor Speed Accuracy and Global Performance is 100% for each.
Higher scores are better, except reaction time (measured in milliseconds) lower score is better.

ATTENTION reflects how vigilant you are in tracking the numbers in the middle of the display ("speed limit" response). The test measures the ability to maintain focus, track information over brief and continuous periods of time thus reflecting whether a subject can perform attention based mental tasks quickly and accurately..

GLOBAL PERFORMANCE is an average of the two scores, Attention and Motor Speed Accuracy. This percentage allows a subject to see an overall "single" number summary score for a quick assessment of performance over a group of serial tests.

MOTOR SPEED ACCURACY reflects how well you keep the crosshairs on the logo. This test measures perceiving, attending/responding to incoming and changing targets with a mouse by measuring speed, fine motor coordination, and visual-perceptual ability.

REACTION TIME reports the "speed limit" response in milliseconds, the lower the score the better. Like all these tasks, reaction time measurement is relevant to everyday activities such as driving a car, competing in sports, tracking and responding to a set of simple instructions in an appropriate time.


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